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Group/individual counseling is conducted with family members who are experiencing problems because one or more members abuse drugs and/or alcohol.

Family Counseling Provides:

Sometimes you need someone to talk to. We listen. We provide one-on-one sessions to discuss issues related to substance abuse, re-entry, and development. Emphasis is placed on positive thinking, surroundings, and actions. Participants are provided with support as they progress into a new lifestyle; one that is law abiding, value oriented, and responsible.


One-on-one sessions to discuss issues related to substance abuse, re-entry and development. Emphasis is placed on positive thinking, surroundings and actions. Family Assistance and Reunification program is designed to “assist in establishing a family structure that is safe, stable, and reliable for each member of the family, particularly the children in the family who are most vulnerable. To contribute to the overall betterment of the quality of life in the communities we serve by counseling and successfully re-uniting broken families.”



Family and Addiction Counseling Program:

Back To Basics networks with area clinics and hospitals to provide services to address the client’s needs. We then offer supportive services once the patient has completed all treatment/rehabilitation requirements. Supportive services include housing upon their release, case management, as well as spiritual counseling and supportive groups.


Successful Rehabilitation & Treatment is supported by three principles:

  1. 1) Transitional services are needed for the ultimate stabilization of outpatient.
  2. 2) Family integration and/or community integration (helping individuals develop pro-social skills.)
  3. 3) A structured and dedicated outpatient menu prescribed for every individual coming out of rehab.


Program Goals:

  1. 1) To help empower individuals who have been diagnosed with addictions to live a productive and drug-free lifestyle.
  2. 2) To establish short term and long term goals and objectives for program participants.
  3. 3) To re-integrate participants back into the community as responsible citizens contributing to the well being of the self, family, and community.


“To establish linkages that will provide more intense, therapeutic, and clinical treatment for those struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction. ”