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A Letter from Pastor James Giles

Dear Community:

“All of us in the Back to Basics Outreach Ministries Inc. family wish to welcome you to our new web-site. Although our new web-site is a work in progress (like our actual work every day), I want to alert you to its existence and invite your interest and support. We will be expanding and enhancing our site in the coming weeks and invite you to stay tuned as we proceed. We plan share videos, a newsletter, blog and ongoing updates about our many and growing programs and services. We appreciate your continuing good faith and support as we grow our web presence and our faithful service to those most in need in the City of Buffalo and surrounding communities.


​Please return here often to see our progress.


Your faithful servant,
​Pastor James Giles ”

Buffalo Peacemakers

Buffalo Peacemakers Violence and Gang Intervention Program provides proactive intervention into the cycle of violence in the lives of at-risk youth. Members are drawn from six existing Peace-making organizations that have evolved from "Responding To The Needs Of The People".     read -->

Buffalo Snug

Buffalo SNUG Violence Prevention Initiative seeks to reverse trends in gun violence and gang activity in neighborhoods hardest hit by shootings and homicides. The program follows the successful, evidence-based Cure Violence model that has been employed in communities across the country to combat street violence on the frontlines.     read -->

Re-Entry Program

The Re-Entry program is design to equip program participants with support that will advance positive decision making skills and address the barriers to successful family and community re-integration, thereby reducing recidivism.” This program was designed to offer encouragement, support, and provide guidance.   read -->

Restorative Justice Program

The Restorative Justice Center Program offers processes to resolve tensions and conflicts between individuals or groups. This program is necessary for individuals to reach a resolution through processes of intervention. Through this program an individual can find peace and gain communicative tools to aid in stressful situations.     read -->

Housing Program

Supportive Living / Transitional Housing program is designed to “provide a safe, positive, and drug/alcohol free living environment for individuals who are homeless and/or transitioning from prison to society. To establish a comprehensive support network that allows each individual to successfully obtain their own housing and quality standard of living over a period of time in which the individual has learned independency.”     read -->

Substance Abuse Counseling

Family Assistance and Reunification program is designed to “assist in establishing a family structure that is safe, stable, and reliable for each member of the family, particularly the children in the family who are most vulnerable. To contribute to the overall betterment of the quality of life in the communities we serve by counseling and successfully re-uniting broken families.”     read -->